Our Loud & Proud Label

Perfume will change the world or no longer exist. 
By its very essence, perfume is a tool of transformation. 
By nature, perfume brings people together. By tradition, perfume conveys a story. 
Therefore, it is a commitment.
With the label “Esthétique du Combat” (Aesthetics of combat), perfume serves causes to better mark the necessary changes. These causes are necessarily political because they shape our future. 
Environmental and social issues find in this olfactory medium a platform for expression beyond words.
Because they speak to the soul in secret, fragrances are our most effective means
for evolving positively, radically, and quickly.
Otherwise, what’s the point?
Perfume changes to change the world. Join the movement.

Esthétique du Combat is an incubator for brands serving urgent causes that need to be defended.


From storytelling to the bottle, a comprehensive solution 
to guide you through unexplored territories.
Storytelling, artistic direction, industry.